Wednesday, July 8, 2009 triple NO!

I recently have been overwhelmed with pictures, articles, emails, blog topics, and tweets all trying to sell me on the romper. This is a fashion trend that you either love or hate. 2 years ago the romper tried to make it's appearance. It was shot down faster then Mickey Rourke at the Miss American pageant. What is a romper? The free dictionary definition:
Noun1.romper suitromper suit - a one-piece garment for children to wear at play; the lower part is shaped like bloomers
A one piece CHILDREN wear. No place does it say normal adults wear them. Maybe I'm being harsh but I have yet to see ONE SINGLE PERSON who looks good in one over the age of 5. Here is Kim Kardashian modeling her ...ummmm...assets in a safari romper. Here is a "bright" romper from Alexander McQueen. Very pretty, bright, and cheerful. And I'm sure any 6 yr old would feel like a diva for the day in it. Some fashionistas call it the "Playsuit". Playsuit, romper, it what you's still ugly.

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