Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Perils of Ebay

I hate buying on ebay. Well, I don't hate the actual buying, I hate the fact I can't win. I was outbid on 8 prs of jeans yesterday. 8 pairs. What are the odds of being outbid on 8 prs? And to add insult to injury...I was outbid by only a penny or 2. These weren't designer jeans. They weren't the latest & greatest. I think I have a stalker. That's right. A stalker. This person is watching and researching what I am bidding on and in order to throw me over the edge....they are buying all my stuff. I called ebay's customer service to complain. Hello, I'm brad. Welcome to ebay's customer service. How may I help you. Well Brad, I need to lodge a complaint. What's that ma'am? I have a stalker Brad. A stalker ma'am? Yes Brad...a stalker. This person is following me through ebay and out bid me on everything. Ma'am...that is not possible. Well, it's happening. How else would I lose 8 prs of jeans. Ma'am, ebay specifically has measures in place so no one can see the bidder's id's. Well, they have circumvented it because I was outbid on 8 prs of jeans. All by the same person. Ma'am, how do you know it was the same person. Because the wimmer on each one was r*****r. That could be anyone ma'am. Ebay mixes everything up so you can't see the id's. I'm telling you Brad, it's the same person. And now they have my jeans. Ma'am I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps you weren't meant to have the jeans. Well Brad thatnks for the "help". No problem ma'am. By the way, my girlfriend loves you taste in jeans. SEE!!! Even Brad knew. But that's ok. I'll get r****r back. I'm stalking her now. In fact, I need to email her because that jacket she's bidding on....ewwww.

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