Monday, July 20, 2009

Pimping on The Bachelorette

I admit, I don't watch much reality tv. But a friend of mine has been bugging me to watch the Bachlorette. So I went to the website and caught up on the action. WTH? Is this The Bacholorette or Pimping Yourself For A Ring? Because it seems Ms Jillian just skates the fine edge of what's legal in only one state...Nevada. After listening to her for 2 episodes...I think I would have drowned myself in that hot tub. And now everyone on the boards are crying that Reid is gone. I would leave to. Whether they kicked me off or not. Who wants to be with someone who hops from one bed to another? Lord, she's seen more action then a ferris wheel on the last day of the fair. I'm not saying save the sex for marriage...but sleeping(or trying to-poor Ed) with 3 men in 3 days is a little extreme. And we are suppose to believe that whoever she picks REALLY loves her and she REALLY loves them? All I can say is may have clucked out.

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