Friday, September 18, 2009

Ebay-Voted #1 Trusted Site

That title sends me into hysterical fits of giggling. According to Auctionbytes... eBay was named the Most Trusted Company for Privacy, according to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and TRUSTe. Really? and How did they come up with this fascinating factoid? The companies were rated as "most trusted" in an unaided survey of 6,486 adult-aged U.S. consumers. Wow...a whole 6,486 people? Out of millions of online buyers? expert review panel at the Ponemon Institute judged the companies based on rigorous criteria, including the clarity and readability of privacy statements, notice, access to account information, cookie management, in- and out-of-network data sharing practices, as well as the availability of customer service staff. Me thinks they read a few privacy policies, interviewed what we call the "business cheerleaders" and then called it a day. I have spoke on this time & time again. EABY IS NOT ALL THAT SAFE. On the average 5 people's accounts are hacked daily. And that's just Ebay. Paypal accounts are hacked even more. Ever woke up to a hacked account? I have. It's not fun. Scrambling to change passwords, log in id's, find your money. Often ebay/paypal will freeze your accounts. Lovely. While Ebay does have security measures in not relay on them to cover your arse. When it's all said and done...Ebay's bottom line is money. And they don't care who it comes from.

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