Thursday, September 10, 2009

The grea secret Ebay warehouse

I am about to discuss one of the greatest secrets of all time. People have tried for years to get this secret. Books have been written about it. People have swore they've seen it and described it as close to nirvana. Are you ready? The ebay warehouse. The one place where all sellers store their goods and live. Oh yes. That secret. And the secret is............................ There is NO ebay warehouse. Do you honestly think over 1 millon sellers store all their items in one place? And we live with in a square mile of each other? Laugh it up. There are people out there who think this is true. Case in point. Actual email recieved. Hi. I just bought 4 items. Since I bought more then 4 items can you combine shipping? Sure. No problem. Except you bought from 4 different sellers. How exactly would you like me to combine my items with 3 different sellers who all live in 3 different states? Actual email recieved. Hi. Why did you send these all in separate packages? You could have combined & saved me some money. I don't appreciate being ripped off. Ummm....all these items you bought were being sold by different people. Sorry, I can only control my packing. This one didn't even get answered. Is there anyway I can get a tour of the main ebay warehouse? Dude, there is no warehouse. Its a joke. A gag. A funny. Never's the address. Knock yourself out and tell'em Gigi sent you.

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