Saturday, November 28, 2009

Better Late Then Never-Stimulation Fridays

Better late then never I always say. Yes, I know it's Saturday but the holidays threw me off. I just now came off my turkey high. So, I was studiously browsing Esty..... ok I was laying on the couch with laptop on my chest because I couldn't move. And I came across this shop. GurKimel Nature Preserve Jewelry OMG...the craftsmanship of this jewelry is stunning. His profile-i go outdoors and look for the "Bare-Necessities of life" , the small things that our modern society has forgotten all about: the way a tree grows , the shape of a nut , the shell that fits the body exactly, the way a fruit unfolds its shape, the colors of the water at sunset time, the life that is found in the forest, That's my inspiration. GurKamel uses nature and precious metals(steling silver and gold)to create one of a kind jewelry. These are all handmade. He uses a technique that allows for the purity of the piece to come through. Here is a unique piece. Can be bought in 24kt gold or steling silver. These are hand dipped pineballs. Acorns. Who would have thought acorns could be so divine? My absolute favorite. A 24kt pecan. So if your looking for the unique and whimsical go browse through Gimkimels esty shop. Right now he is offering 15% off all your purchases thru Monday. Use code TGI20 and get 20% off EVERYTHING in store thru Monday.

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