Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, Since You Asked...

I am moving Stimulation Fridays to Saturdays. I can't afford Fridays to be anymore stimulating then they already are. *sigh* So I've decided to post ASQ's (ask a seller a question) that I receive from my store on Ebay. Yes, I sell on Ebay also. I don't advertise it like my store here becuase 1. I pay Ebay a lot of money to sell there and they can dang well use some of it to advertise for me. and 2. I want you to shop my other store.>>>>>>> over there. I get a ton of ASQ's from potential buyers that ask very good questions concerning on line purchases. So every Friday I will post one or two and maybe we can all learn something. Question: Hi. I see a pair of jean son your site i want to buy but unsure if they will fit me? If they don't, can I return? Answer: Good question. In fact, a GREAT question to ask before you buy. Most online sellers include measurements in their listings to help make your purchase easier. If the seller does not include and ask them. The usual measurements are the waist, hips, rise, inseam, and length. Here is a great site to help you measure jeans. LINK When buying jeans you HAVE to know your own measurements. need to measure your own natural waist, hips, inseam, rise, and length. You also need to adjust your measurements to reflect the rise. The rise is the measurement from v of legs to top of waistband-front & back. The length of the rise will determine where the jeans will sit on you. Remember, the fabric of the jeans will affect fit also. I like cotton/spandex blend as it fits better and retains it shape well. As for returns. Most Ebay sellers (used clothing) and consignment stores do not accept returns. I accept returns but I charge a 15% restocking fee and do not refund s&h unless I make a mistake. So remember....know your measurements. Go to the mall and try on things you like then come buy them from me. :) Or who ever is selling them. Remember, use code first10off to receive 10% off purchases.

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