Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, Since You Asked....

Today's topic will be on best offers. Best offer. Otherwise known as dickering, negotiating,making a deal. Often sellers will take best offers on items that they are unsure of exact worth or they know just needs the right buyer. Recent email: Hi. I really like this item but I don't pay this much for used old items. Would you accept $25 including s&h? What I wanted to say: Wow. An offer of $25 on a NOS (new old stock) designer dress worth $565 that I'm selling for $145. AND offering free shipping on. When you were writing this email did you honestly expect me to jump on this and thank my lucky stars you showed up? Do you think that I spend hrs searching, buying, cleaning, photographing, listing for nothing? That I do all this out of the goodness of my heart? This isn't a charity. If I were stupid enough to take this deal it would cost me 1/2 the $25 just to ship it. I would make a profit after fees and misc cost of exactly $6.00. Wow, McDonalds here I come. What I really said: Thank you for your offer. I'm afraid that I cannot accept your offer. Thank you When making a best offer please be realistic. Most sellers will accept 75% of their asking price. So you can offer about 25% less of the listed price and almost (some sellers are weird) be assured it'll be taken. Take in to consideration of the condition, price, and shipping method also. If the seller is offering free shipping that is guaranteed additional money off. When making the offer, insulting the seller's goods is not a good way to get what you want. Remarks like: "I really love this but it's not worth that much." "I can get this cheaper at XX" "It's been in your store for awhile and not selling. I'll take it off your hands." and the #1 remark that will get you nothing but blocked... "I'm on a fixed income, dying, relative's dying, animals are dying,incapacitated,have 8 kids,ect...and cannot pay that much." The above remark is annoying; especially when we can see track what your buying and your racking up $100 purses, boots, and other finery. So go shop your heart out and make those offers-just be sane about them. Love, Your Seller

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