Friday, March 19, 2010

Made In The USA

I get a lot of questions about my clothing asking if it's made in the USA. Honestly, a majority is not. I really try to let customers know in my listings if it's American made or not but often I don;t even know. Many high end designers may design in Italy, France, Milan, ect...but the clothing is constructed in China. :( I found this nifty little directory on line that shows what stores and products sell items made in the USA. Called Still Made In The USA you can go here and shop for clothing, accessories, and for the home. Are you going Green? Check out this site-GreenWorksUSA which is a lovely site that explains the ins and outs of organic cotton, where produced, how it is used. Now, this site does have products listed from out of country as some eco friendly products are not made here...but this suthor does give up the thumbs up and down of what eco prioducts are coming in to the USA. Esty is a great site to visit for handcrafted, American made products. What better way to save the earth then to buy handmade items. Quite often these pieces have been recycled or upcycled. You get a wonderful one of a kind piece that helps save the planet. WIN-WIN! So go forth-shop-and feel good about saving the USA and our planet.

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