Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stimulation Saturday for Sunday

le sigh* Ye, I know it's Sunday but I'm not feeling well and I apparently missed Saturday. It was there then it wasn't. So Sunday is the new Saturday but only for today. Monday will progress as normal. So, what do I find stimulating for this Saturday?(don't you say it) Cookware. I LOVE fancy sparkly cookware. I always envisioned a huge kitchen with a hanging rack dripping with the latest cookware. A bakers rack piled high with fancy schmancy cookbooks. A huge AgaRED oven and a brick open fire pit oven next to it. I'd have a talking refrigerator and a dishwasher that could take the paint off a car. Well. I have an oven and a frige. But I still moon over cookware. I was browsing through the Williams and Sonoma website and made a list of the things I must have now!

Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan

They even give you recipes. Squeeeee!!!

Mauviel Copper Turbotiere

I'm not sure what it's for but for $1000 it must do something FAB!

Farm Animal Pancake Molds

10-Piece Glass Bowl Set

I would never use these. I would put them up and stare at their cleanliness.

Personal Embosser with Stand

With this I could rule the world. One initial at a time. Ironing Stool Oh the sheer ingenuousness of it. So what cookware gets you stimulated??

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