Friday, May 14, 2010

Stimulation Saturday-Can you spare $100,000,000.00

I went to Windermereyesterday for an appointment with a very nice lady who wanted to consign with me. Now, if any of you have been to Windermere, FL you know that Windermere is not slouching in the cha-CHING department. As I was wondering around(that's code for I was lost...AGAIN...) I came upon the most beautifulist house I ever saw. One look and I thought, "I've died and gone to Versailles."
Funny, that's the name of this house-Versailles.
This home is 90,000 square feet of sheer awesomeness. This is the largest modern day palace in America.
At a quick sale price of 100,000,000.00 you can own this get away retreat.
And that is exactly what it is.
A retreat.
With 13 bedrooms, 23 full baths, a 20 car garage, and 3 pools. This home is based on the specifications of the original Versailles palace in France. It has a 60X120 grand hall entrance with a 30 ft stain glass dome.
Inside are the beginnings of a bowling alley,2 theater rooms, and more.
A 2 story wine cellar, 3...count them ...3 indoor spas, an indoor rock grotto with an 80 ft waterfall.
10 satellite kitchens-I don't even know what that means but it sounds mucho cool, 2 grand staircases, his & her offices with a connecting 2 sided aquarium.
Lets talk about what I saw outside.
A freaking baseball field and 2 tennis courts. The must have gate house (can't have the plebs hanging out with the royalty) and a boathouse as the property is surrounded by the Butler Lakes.
Got kids? This home has you covered. In fact, with an entire wing devoted to the little crumb catchers, you could go months without ever seeing them. We have a playroom, and activity room(not to be confused with the playroom), a theater room, a computer room, and it's own kitchen.
Now the home is still under construction. Apparently (cough) the couple who built it didn't foresee the housing market taking a dive.
However, you $100,000,000.00 will get it completed. Nice huh?
So I have decided. Should I ever inherit or win a million gazillion dollars, my next posts will be coming from my "her" office overlooking my lake from my palace Versailles.


Anonymous said...

You should have hit me up woman. I live near there, not in that neighborhood but close to that area. We could have done lunch and drooled over the house! LOL! Plus I think you should put out on your blog if anyone is looking to get rid of a GPS please know it will have a good home with you.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Had I known I would have looked you up. And psst...don't tell anyone but I actually do have a GPS. I'm just directionally challenged.