Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WTH Wednesday

I really enjoy doing WTH Wednesday because it allows for my inner snark to come out.
I'll admit that I enjoy a little snarkiness now and then. Besides...some peope just make it so easy. Know what I mean?

Isabella Blow’s McQueen Collection to Be Auctioned

WTH? This is one of the largest landmark collections out there. And they are going to auction it off all piece meal to a bunch of egotistical putzes. Rumer has it the Blow sisters are selling the collection to settle outstanding debts on their Isabelle's estate.Give it to the Met or Smithsonian. This collections needs to be preserved-not auctioned. Putzes.

It's bad enough Mariah Carey is stuck in the 80s...does she have to drag Nick Cannon with her? They look like they scammed from the lost and found at the Port Transit Authority.

Lady Gaga has crossed over from cool to kinda creepy in this "interesting" head... face... WTH...? piece.

Not everyone looks good in skinny,stretch,peg leg jeans. I'm just sayin'.

Ok, I lied. Not everything designed by Alexander McQueen was a winner. I'm not sure whither to salute Cate Blanchett or run her up a flag pole. #FAIL.

Poor David Hasselhoff. It's just so wrong on so many levels.

     Something in Paloma Faith's the teleporter went terribly wrong. 

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Smokinhotbooks said...

Is the Hoff wearing sequins....?

Anonymous said...

I love the teleporter comment! LOL That was great!

fabulous finds said...

a clear indication that "money" doesn't get you "style" i love your wth wednesdays...keep em comin... =)

and...yes...i agree with you so much on the isabella blow's mcqueen collection...selling piece by piece? breaks my SO belongs in a museum...

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

K.c.-Yes...yes he is.

Lily-She looks just so silly.

Fabulous-I am heartbroken over auction and do hope the museums' step in or someone attempts to buy up & donate. Piece mealing it out would be a crime.
And thank you for the complement.