Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

Todays review is on Deal with the Devil by Evangeline Andersen.  An erotic novella. Oooo la la

 Luz Velez is a shapeshifter with a problem. She can't shift. And when she tries, she has panic attacks.
Severe panic attacks that have crossed over and are affecting other areas of her life. 
Since no self respecting shifter will associate with a non shifter, she is persona non grata in the shapeshifting world. When the oh so hot vampire Jude Jacobson  approaches her with a propostion to her problem she is intreged.
Shifters and vamps don't mix. Period. But Jude claims he can help her with the panic attacks. A simple blood exchange; and all her problems will diappear.
But as Luz and Jude grow closer, Luz's past comes back to haunt her she is torn between duty and love.
When Jude's own dangerous secrets come to light Luz wonders if she made a deal with an angel...or the devil.

Go check out he rest of this HOT HOT HOT review at Smexybooks.

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