Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books

Today's review is Gena Showalter's newest LOTU best seller-The Darkest Lie

Gideon is the keeper of the demon Lies. Everything he says must be a lie or he will suffer unimaginable pain.
Scarlett is the keeper of the demon Nightmares. While she sleeps her demon infiltrates our deepest darkest fears and feeds off them. She is the ultimate weapon that everyone wants to possess.
When Scarlett is "captured" by the Lords of the Underworld to stop the hunters from getting to her, Gideon is immediately drawn to her.
Then Scarlett drops a bomb on him; she is his long lost wife. 
And even the demon of lies can't tell if she's lying or not.
But regardless of what she says or doesn't say, Gideon wants her. But as they sort through the lies and the truth, will their love be enough when everything Gideon holds dear is threatened?

Read more of my review at Smexy Books and see why I gave The Darkest Lie 5 stars.

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