Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, Since You Asked....

I've decided to share some of my more unusual emails, phone calls, and such with you on Fridays because I have enough info here to last me through 2015.

The Phone Call:
You have to imagine this call in the female voice of version of Chong from Cheech & Chong.

1 st call: " coat.....that.....ummmm...yea....fits me. Kay?

2nd call: Me....'gain. I......yea......want some.....ummmmm.

3rd Call: It's XXXX.......................................I'm .....looooooking

All the calls show as incoming. While I do take requests and will look for particular items for clients, I really need you to be sober and coherent when you call. I'm funny like that.

The Email:

Hi, I bought a skirt from you and I'm afraid it doesn't fit. Where Do I return?

Hi. I'm sorry but I am not showing that you made a purchase from me. Could you give me the item or order number?

The number is XXXXXXXXXX.

Hi. That is not a number in my inventory and I have not sold that skirt before. Perhaps you have me mixed up with another seller.

What? So you don't want to honor your return policy? What kind of &*^%$% outfit are you running? I want to return this &^&%$# or I'm calling the Ebay police on you.(yes, they seriously said Ebay policy)

Hi. I always honor my return policy, however, I did not sell that skirt to you. I have never sold a skirt like that. I have never had a skirt like that in inventory. If you check your BUY column it will tell you who the seller is and you can contact them about a return.

You had better return my money now or I'm giving you a BIG FAT NEG.

Hi. Ma'am, I did not sell that item to you. If you want to leave a neg I cannot stop you but it won't be for me. It'll be for the seller you refused to contact about returning the skirt you bought from them.

Well, I left a neg. I hope your satisfied and can live with yourself.

You may have left a neg...but you left it for XXXX-see (inserted that seller's link). This is me(inserted my link-neg free thank you). 

So you just let me leave another seller a neg and refused to do anything about it?

Oy vey. After that I blocked her 'cause it just wasn't any fun anymore. I did find out later the seller she negged was able to get it removed. 

what's my point? There is no point. Only that selling clothing online can be a fun, relaxing money making venture allowing you to share your love of style and fashion with saving the planet.
It can also being you into contact with some strange peeps. 


Mandi said...

LOLOL...Love the email..isn't it fun to have your own business? :)

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Mandi-It is fun but sometimes I'd like to put an "out of order" sign on my monitor.

Anonymous said...

Oh my GAH hahaha leaving NEG feedback for someone else but communicating with you, that is GOLD. Thank goodness that moron wasn't actually somehow leaving YOU neg feedback. Altho since the other person got it removed sounds like crazy was taken care of. I would say that some people shouldn't have access to the internet, period, but your phone customer was just as bad! Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Ahh how I love the email one. Wait it doesn't fit me. YOU POS GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY! ha ha ha I left a neg. Wait what do you mean I am sock puppet stupid?

fabulous finds said...

what fun! this is going to be a ha-lar-ious topic!
don't you sometimes wonder if perhaps you are on candid camera...because this cannot be a real situation...haha

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Pam-Oh girl...the stories I could tell you.

Lily-I am a crzy magney, I swear.

Fab-Oh I KNOW you have some crazy stories too.;)

Smokinhotbooks said...

Anyone asking for velvet coat during the summer is clearing high as a kite!

That email would make me want to take a dirt nap.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

KC-A to the Men sista. A dirt nap huh? That would get me Black Wade quicker. ;)