Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books-An Unforgettable Lady by Jessica Bird

Todays review is An Unforgettable Lady by Jessica Bird

Grace Woodward Hall, soon to be the former Countess von Sharone, seems to have it all.
Beauty, wealth, and position. She has also fast becoming the next victim of a serial killer.
One by one the most prominent socialites in Manhattan are being picked off one by one...and Grace fears she is next.
John Smith is a hard hearted (and headed) securities expert who has spent his life protecting the most important people in the world. When Grace hires him to protect her, John fears he will break one his most important rules. Never fall for the client. 
But as the danger and the passion heats up between Grace and John-a decision will have to be made. Can John let go of the past enough to embrace a future with Grace?

Grace Woodward is a socialite who seems to have everything. But under that calm cool
sophistication is a woman on the edge-ready to snap. She  has just buried her father, is divorcing her husband,and now it seems someone wants her dead. Enter John Smith. Security expert and all male. From the moment they shared an impromptu kiss in anger-John has wanted her like no one else.
But John has many secrets. His life has been spent in the shadows. He has no real name, no social security number, no life. He is only what he chooses you to see. But Grace sees him. ALL of him. And that scares him to death. As he and Grace try to find a peaceful co existence, the passion that sparks between them threatens to consume them in it's hot blazing glory.

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