Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New Book Review Is At Smexy Books-Devil's Highlander by Veronica Wolff

Todays review is on The Devil's Highlander by Veronica Wolff (1st in the Clan McAlpin series) 
Marjorie and Cormac have loved each other since they were children.When a childhood dare goes horribly wrong and results in Cormac's brother Aidan being kidnapped, Marjorie and Cormac go their separate ways both consumed by shame and guilt. Marjorie now needs Cormac's help. A young child she cares for has disappeared and she fears the boy has suffered the same fate as Aidan. Though 20 years have passed since they last laid eyes on each other, the passion between them still blazes out of control. As Cormac and Marjorie set out to find the boy they must also come to terms with what happened to them so many years ago. And decide if redemption is possible.
The Devil's Highlander is a passionate and poignant tale of love and redemption. Well written with a smooth flowing storyline, we are transported back in time to the Scottish Highlands. The story's back ground revolves around an old practice similar to pressing. Boys thought to be beggars were often taken (kidnapped) and transported to plantations to work as slave labor. Though it was argued that they were better off in the healthier environment it was still kidnapping and forced slavery.When Cormac's brother is mistaken for a a beggar, he is kidnapped and transported to the islands. Cormac and Marjorie loved each other even as children; but the guilt and shame over what happened to Aidan causes them to go their separate ways. Marjorie now volunteers at an orphanage. When one of her charges is taken she runs to the one man she knows can help her-Cormac. But Cormac is damaged. Back from the war, his heart is filled with nothing but shame and disgust for himself. Marjorie bullies him into helping and they soon find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that reaches farther then they could ever imagine.

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