Thursday, July 22, 2010

My New Review Is At Smeybooks-Gothic City Lights By Brindle Chase

Todays review is on -Gothic City Lights By Brindle Chase 

Lilith Templeton is a sexually irresistible half-succubus. Going through life enjoying the sexual banquet that's always spread before her. But she feasted off someone else's plate and now she must pay. Mother Superior, high angel of Portland, has requested Lilith infiltrate a gang of humans consorting  with demons to make amends for her transgression-seducing a human agent of the light.And to help her is the one man whom she would give it all up for but can never ever have.
As the Angel of Chasity Gabriel never thought that his ascension would ever be in danger; until he met Lilith. His job is to help Lilith with her mission while upholding his vows. But when he's around Lilith his thoughts aren't virginal. His thoughts are wicked and sinful. But Gabriel will not, can not succumb to this temptation. As Lilith and Gabriel work together to stop the demons their attraction to each other becomes unbearable. All Lilith has to do is stop the demons, resist her nature, and keep her hands off Gabriel. Piece of cake. Right?
In Brindle Chase's novel-Gothic City Lights- she takes us into the mystical sexual world of demons, angel, and forbidden love. Lilith Templeton has spent her entire life feasting and gorging her sexual appetites for thousands of years. doesn't matter. Lilith loves sex. And being half-succubus; she has to have sex in order to survive.

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