Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Stimulation-Would You Like To Super Size That Order?

Burberry's latest showing is the first where buyers could order the clothes directly off an iPad during the event, could also be remembered as the first step in what may soon be known as "Season-less fashion."
Seconds after sending out the spring 2011 collection of BurberryProrsum, the house's creative director Christopher Bailey explained that Burberry's booming web commerce business had altered his thinking..
"I want to get away from the idea of a strict season. We cater to a global audience, particularly online, and many of them are living in different continents, so the concept of seasons makes a lot less sense," Bailey said after the show.
Customers in stores could also watch this season's current offerings from wide screen tvs placed throughout and order directly; allowing for a 7 week delivery time.
In terms of fashion, the collection was all about Bailey's remarkable cutting skills and his ability to meld sportswear with classic tailoring, creating a whole new garment - the biker trench.

Cut in a slew of different takes - from padded leather biker sleeves attached to austere, deep pocketed raincoats, to band officer's looks with leather biker lapels or funky faux snakeskin rock star trenches in silver - they all looked fab. Add on gold spike shoulders, contrasting Pop fluorescent colored patent leather skinny belts and Medieval page layered versions and you had a series of hits.


SpazP said...

Wow. The wonderful thing about fashion that i never understood is that you're not looking at the clothing as something YOU could wear. I appreciate that now and removing my own self from the equation I can appreciate fashion so much more. This is a BEAUTIFUL beautiful piece of art.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

SpazP-Yes. There is a huge gap between runway and street fashion. Runway fashion is the fantastical & extreme. Street fashion is taking the RTW and converting it to wearable clothing. I do like the ability to order at a show though. THAT is verra cool.