Monday, October 25, 2010

My review of The Mists Of Time by Susan Squires is at Smexybooks


Diana Dearborn knows all about romance, at least in the books she writes. But passion eludes her in real life—until she’s offered the chance to travel back in time to Camelot. The world of King Arthur and Guinevere is nothing like she imagined, neither is the knight she encounters on her return to San Francisco: Gawain, the hero of her current project. He’s complicated, mysterious, and sexier than anything her imagination could conjure. And he’s been waiting for her...

Diana and Gawain must prevent an ancient, evil force from wreaking mayhem in the all-too-real present. But even if their mission succeeds, does Diana’s destiny lie with this man from another time—and will their love alter history forever?
The premise of the book is fabulous. Time travel back to the time of Camelot. I adore any stories revolving around time travel and Camelot. Can anyone say Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee In King Author’s Court? Loved it. The twist and turns that Ms. Squires gives the tale of Camelot and it’s inhabitants is fresh and intriguing. Evil rises in the past to threaten the future. The use of magic and strategy throughout the story gives a modern feel to an old tale. But it stagnates at times. The story reads fast at times and exceedingly slow at others. I found myself flipping back through pages thinking I had missed something.

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