Monday, October 4, 2010

My review of Scoundrel by Zoe Archer and A Fab Giveaway is at Smexy Books

Scoundrel (A Blade of the Roses #2) by Zoe Archer

Favorite quote, “ I monkeys in hats you to.”

In Zoe Archer’s second installment of her exciting historical fantasy world, Scoundrel, we are introduced to Bennett day-the ULTIMATE scoundrel. Bennett is a renewed cryptologist, fearless athlete and an enthusiastic seducer of women. He is currently trying to stay one step ahead of the Heirs and find a key source that could shift the balance of power through out the world. When he comes to the rescue of the beautiful widow London Harcourt in a small Greek market, he is instantly intrigued by her beauty and spirit. Bennett is not surprised to find out that London is as intelligent as she is beautiful. However, he is at a loss when its revealed that she is the daughter of the Blades greatest enemy and who is using her to locate the same source he is.

London Harcourt has always been under a man’s rule. From birth to widowhood she has been chained to the rigid expectations of her family and society. A beautiful, intelligent woman who has used deception to gain a foothold into the   When her father offers her a chance to sail with him to Greece she agrees to help him hoping to bring some adventure into her dreary life. When she meets Bennett Day it’s as if her prayers were answered. Charming, seductive, and wickedly humorous London sees the beginning of a grand adventure.

And what grand adventure it is.

Ms Archer sets the tone for London’s and Bennett’s grand affair of body, soul, and eventually love among a fast paced action packed thriller. Weaving all this together with some Greek mythology makes this an exhilarating ride you won’t want to get off. I thoroughly enjoy the heroes and heroines that Ms. Archer creates. Strong, courageous, and filled with humor, these are characters that stay with you long after you have set the book down.

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