Thursday, November 4, 2010

I’m At Smexybooks Talking Barrons, V’Lane and All things Fever

The last and most anticipated book of Karen Moning’s Fever series-Shadowfever-is set to release Jan 18th 2011 and I am STOKED!!! *doing the happy dance*


The Fever series is soon coming to an end. *SOB*  This series has been a frustrating, intense, heartbreaking, sob fest, fist pumping, “I can’t get enough of it” series for me since her first one came out-Darkfever. This Urban Fantasy is the perfect blending of action, suspense, pain, humor, and romance. The sheer weight of the arc demands you give all you have to the reading of it and holds your attention of long after the last word is read.

KMM tortured us all through out the series with tidbits, clues, and cliffhangers of such magnitude that you sat there shell shocked then went off to cry amongst friends at the unfairness of it all.

So join me over at Smexybooks along with Mandi(Smexybooks) and Sophia(Fictionvixen) as we begin to re read all of the Fever series in order to be properly primed and pumped for when Shadowfever releases.

If you haven’t read this series-start NOW!! You can get a free e book copy of Darkfever at Amazon, B&N, Sony, and Kobo. Just remember-Barrons is MINE!!

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Twimom227 said...

I really would love to read this series... I have heard so many great things. But I serious cannot find the time to add anymore books to my reading schedule right now. I'm totally bummed! Have fun!