Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Review Devil At Midnight by Emma Holly is at Smexybooks


Favorite Quote: “Why would he think she would never comes back when she always had before?”

Grace Campbell lives in fear of her abusive father. When she is brutally beaten by him, she “dies” and finds herself in a waiting station. She is offered the chance to help someone make an important decision. She soon finds herself  transported from 1950 America to 1450 Switzerland. Here she meets Christian Durand. A mercenary in his father’s army, Christian lives a harsh life with his cruel father and does what he can to protect his men.
When Grace and Christian meet-sparks fly and desires flare. Loving a ghost isn’t easy and when the vampire queen Nim Wei sets her immortal sights on Christian, he must choose between his darker urges and a powerful love that spans centuries...
Grace is sent back to Christian as an angel, ghost-still unsure what she is-to befriend him and help him make a life altering decision. When Christian sees Grace for the first time he is shocked and believes he is losing his mind. But soon he accepts her presence for what it is and their journey begins.

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