Monday, November 1, 2010

My Review of Allyson James Firewalker is at Smexybooks Today


Favorite quote: "So educate me. There are Stormwalkers like you; Nightwalkers, which are like vampires; and then Skinwalkers, those creatures I fought out in the vortexes. What are werewolves-dogwalkers?"

Janet has made her life in Megallan and her hotel, Crossroads, has become a haven for all sorts of supernatural creatures.  When a brutally savaged body is found out in the desert Sheriff Nash sets his sights once again on Janet; and to her surprise, Coyote, her spirit guide.  As Janet races to help Mick, defeat the dragon council, solve a murder, and gain control over her magic she realizes that she may not be humanity’s savior...she may be our destroyer.


Read the rest of my review at Smexybooks.

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