Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Review Of Geist by Phillippa Ballantine Is At Smexybooks

Favorite Quote: “Keep sailing Young know where to find me, have you a need.”

When Deacon Sorcha Faris’s husband and partner Koyla is critically injured during an violent geist attack, she gains a new and untried partner, Deacon Merrick Chambers. Rumors have been whispered that the geist are attacking throughout the land so Sorcha and Merrick are sent to the remote island of Ulrich to aid the Priory there. Along the way they meet Raed Rossin, Pretender to the Throne and the bearer of a terrible curse. When they arrive, what greets them is a horror unlike they have ever seen. Sorcha, Merrick, and Raed soon find themselves at the mercy of a terrible conspiracy  that questions everything they have ever been taught.


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