Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things That Caught My Eye

Are You Addicted to Lip gloss?
Really? There is a website devoted to a 12 step program to help you over come your addiction to lip gloss. The Today Show even had the founder, Kevin C. to explain this phenomenon. Hmm…must have been a slow news that day.




Ode Du Burger
Does the smell of freshly made hamburgers get your motor cranked? Well, now your whole house can smell like the kitchen of a fast food restaurant (minus the stinky teen workers). Introducing the White Castle slider-scented candle. Available for $13 at www.whitecastle.com and select locations this would make the perfect stocking stuffer for those friends or relatives that hold a special place in your heart. *snicker*
If McDonald’s makes a happy meal candle-I am all over that!



Zac Posen + Twilight= Oooo La La
Rumor has it that Zac Posen will be designing Bella Swan’s wedding dress for the last (thank god) Twilight movie- Breaking Dawn. Earlier this year, In Style magazine had 10 designers sketch dresses that they envisioned Bella (Kristian Stewart) wearing for her marriage to Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Rumor also has it that Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has final say. Ummm, yea. About that.We say her fashion expertise in the first move. Maybe she needs to stick to writing and leave the fashion to others.



Stupid Nail Polish Names
Bitches Brew

I love this blog. Really, the name pretty much says it all. Her newest victim-Bitches Brew by Deborah Lippman. Yea, I really want to wear polish the color of dried rancid animal blood.



Jennifer Rardin

:( Jennifer Rardin’s newest release-Bitten in Two- released yesterday. Le sigh.
I was/am a huge fan of her Jaz Parks series. I broke my heart when she passed away earlier this year. The publishing world will be a little darker without her humor and talent to light the way.

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