Monday, November 15, 2010

Things That Caught My Eye


Everyday I tell myself, “Tori, today in the day you will clean up and organize all your bookmarks, links, and wish lists.” Yea right. I’ve been saying that for 4 years now. It’s all so spread out it would take DAYS for me to find everything. No need to now. :) Introducing Right Cliq by Visa. Right Cliq is an online shopping tool that allows you to compile products that you want to buy, organize them into groups in your very own Wishspace, and even invite friends to approve or nix your potential purchases. That means you, my friends, can access and buy me pressies. SQUEEE!!!



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From left, looks from McQueen's fall 2010, fall 2009, and fall 2008 collections.Photo: Imaxtree

Vogue's annual Costume Institute Gala is set to be an even more fabulous, heart-stopping, and emotional affair next year than it has been in years. The ball on May 2 will kick off the the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Alexander McQueen exhibit, titled "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty." The showcase, which will be open to the public from May 4 through July 31, includes roughly 100 pieces. 

I would shank someone to go to this affair. The museum has gathered pieces from everywhere from the graduate collection McQueen showed at Central St. Martins to items from the designer's days at Givenchy, where he worked in the late nineties, to works from his personal collections, including things he made for the late Isabella Blow, whose entire wardrobe Daphne Guinness now owns. Can you imagine the vintage McQueen pieces that will be worn to this event?

*courtesy New York Mag.


Transgender Givenchy model Lea T appears on the new cover of Lurve magazine, wearing, of course, couture Givenchy.



Mandi, my partner at smexybooks, recently posted this cover for Kiss Of Snow-Nalini Singh’s next in the Psi Changeling series that is Hawk’s story-SQUEEE!!!!  Me being the cover whore I am, I wanted to share. I could lick this cover all day. Srsly.



Marc Jacobs as Mrs. Marc Jacobs




If Facebook and Bejeweled isn’t making time fly anymore at work; why not try the newest craze to hit cubicles across the land-Creepypasta. Part of a growing phenomenon making its way around message boards and e-mail chains, these bite-sized bits of scariness that have joined the unending list of things-to-do-when-you’re-bored-at-work. Sent in random emails; these are like little urban legends set to video. They give just enough for a little chill and thrill at work –like a pick me up without the caffeine.
Some popular ones are: “The Russian Sleep Experiment,” a short story about Russian prisoners who are forcibly deprived of sleep until they cannibalize each other. Another, called “Suicide Mouse,” is a nine-minute, Kafkaesque loop of a vintage Mickey Mouse walking down a gloomy street, which slowly degrades into a mix of distorted images, warped music and chilling screams. According to the accompanying legend, the film is authentic, newly discovered Disney footage — the watching of which has led people to kill themselves.



My fav green site-Ecouterre_is giving away this gorgeous alpaca arm warms and scarf set by Annie O. Boutique. You can enter HERE.

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