Monday, December 13, 2010

Things That Caught My Eye

Elizabeth Edwards and the Westboro Church

I was extremely saddened to learn Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to breast cancer last week. She was a very strong, intelligent, and remarkable woman who suffered through many things that would have fell a lesser women. My heart goes out to her family during this time.
What REALLY saddened me was learning that the Westboro Baptist Church was going to picket her funeral. Why?  Because she had a son she loved very much who just happened to be gay? I do not understand these people. I cannot accept that fact they are doing the work of God because the God I know would run as fast as he could once he saw these people coming. I know evil exists and I believe it is alive and well in this church.
I had tears in my eyes when I saw this:
The Christian Science Monitor reported on the human buffer of love:

“Members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church picketed the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards in Raleigh, N.C. Saturday. But they were vastly outnumbered by a “human buffer” of people who quietly stood in the rain singing Christmas carols and carrying signs reading “God loves Elizabeth Edwards” or simply “Grace” and “Hope.” [...]


Heston/Waitrose Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding

Holy special arsed pudding Batman. I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the English delight Christmas Pudding. Better then it’s American basturd cousin, the fruitcake, but still not my cuppa tea. Apparently the Heston from Waitrose Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding is something special. Chef Heston Blumenthal's came up with the recipe and rumor has it made up to 25,000 for the Waitrose stores. They sold out within hours. HOURS!!! Now, they are so much in demand that there are some selling on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. For a fricking ball of mush that will be eaten within 10 minutes. Craziness. There are 93 on Ebay right now so I think there are more available then everyone thinks.


Blake Lively is the new face of Chanel

Just when you didn’t think her star power could get much bigger…Blake Lively scores the ultimate CHA CHING deal. Chanel.  She will promote the brand's handbags in a campaign that will be released in early 2011.


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden tie the knot.


SQUEEE!!! I have always thought they were the cutest couple.
Nicole Riche married Joel Madden in a private ceremony at her father’s, Lionel Richie, estate on Saturday.

According to Ministry of Gossip":

The bride wore a gown by Marchesa, the design house headed by Harvey Weinstein's wife,Georgina Chapman, and she and Madden exchanged wedding bands by Neil Lane, the jeweler who designed her engagement ring.

"They wanted an Old Hollywood, glamorous feel to their wedding," a source told People. "They're going all-out with the decor. Nicole wanted a memorable, elegant affair for only their closest friends and family on their special day."

Guests reportedly included Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Samantha Ronson, and Madden's brother Benji. Nicole's close pals Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian RSVPd with regrets.

The service was officiated by Rev. Run of Run-DMC, according to Us, beneath two tents in the spacious backyard.

While little Harlow likely stole attention as a flower girl, photographers' attention was caught by  a trained elephant being led onto the property.

As far as the age-old custom of selling celebrity wedding photographs to the highest bidder, the New York Post reports that Richie's team has pit the tabloids against one another to nab north of $100,000 — which the couple will donate to charity.


December 28th Rocks!!!!!


As I was looking at my “I will knock you down and step on you to get this book” list I realized that 7 books are coming out. 7!!!! I know where I’ll be that day. In the special “reading room”-aka my bathroom. :)

-Killing Rocks by Barant, DD
-Deep Kiss of Winter, Kresley & Showalter, Gena
-Ruthless Game by Feehan, Christine
-Crimson Wind by Francis, Diana Pharaoh
-The Presence by Graham, Heather
-The Good, The Bad & The Uncanny by Green, Simon R.
-Hellforged by Holzner, Nancy

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