Friday, January 28, 2011

I’m Reviewing The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa at Smexy Books

Fairy tales are often told of the beautiful and benevolent fae bestowing gifts of wonder and delight to unsuspecting humans. But Meghan Chase knows better. She sees the real fae and has lived in their cruel world. Being half human and half fae has brought her nothing but ridicule and pain as she tries to navigate her life-straddling the gray area between fact and fantasy.

At the end of The Iron Daughter, Meghan (a child of the Summer King) and Ash (a child of the Winter Queen) were banished forever from Nevernever for daring to love one another and are back in the human world for good. This appeals to Meghan as she sees it as a chance to leave everything fae behind and for her and Ash to be together. But nothing is ever concrete with the fae and a missive appears from Meghan’s father asking for her attendance. If Meghan can defeat the Iron King, her and Ash’s banishment will be “pardoned” without fear of reprisal.

Meagan knows that she must go back and defeat the (false) Iron King if she is ever to go forward with her life.


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