Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Review of How Sweet It Is by Sophie Gunn Is At Smexy Books

Favorite Quote: “Oh hell no. I know all about you and what you want. If you say you want to make love you probably really want to play scrabble.”


Lizzie Carpenter learned a long time ago that no white knight was going to rush in and save her. So she had to save herself. A hardworking waitress, she has raised her daughter single handedly to be like the independent women in her club-The Enemy Club. A group of former high school rivals that became best friends.

Yet a small part of Lizzie wants that white knight. Someone who can fix the small things around her house that are falling apart. When Dante “Tay” Giovanni appears, Lizzie is sure her fairy godmother must have been listening. Sexy Tay offers to help with no strings attached and slowly Lizzie opens up more then her home to him. But Tay has his own demons and the past is a hard thing to let go of.

How Sweet It Is is a charming slightly heavy contemporary romance that deals with love, hope, and forgiveness. Well plotted with an array of personable and deeply defined characters. Smooth flowing conversational style envelopes you into the story and makes you feel like you have a part in its telling.


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