Friday, January 14, 2011

My Review Of Impulse by Candace Camp Is At Smexy Books

Favorite Quote: “Fool! It’s obvious they grow them stupid in America.”

Lady Angela has loved Camden (the stable hand) since she was a little girl; but when her grandfather finds them together he gives her an ultimatum. Either she marries Lord Dunstan or he will have Cam accused of theft and sent to prison for life. Lady Angela marries Lord Dunstan and suffers for her lost love. Cam upon finding out Angela married Dunstan flees to America and swears his revenge.

15 years later she is divorced and living in disgrace under her brothers care. When a secret investor buys up all the family business shares and threatens them with total ruin unless Lady Angela marries him, she is shocked to find it is her one and only love Cam. But Cam is not the same man she knew and she is undoubtedly not the same women he knew. For the sake of her family, she agrees to marry him. As they navigate through a rocky marriage shrouded in secret and anger; someone else wants Angela all to themselves and are willing to kill for her.


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