Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please Leave A Message After The Beep…

Okay kiddies…KMM’s Shadowfever just downloaded on to my e reader and so here are a few goodies to keep you occupied while I go read.



Right From Coco Chanel’s Mouth

How cool is THIS??? Stylelite.com found this and posted it on their site.Coco Chanel’s first television interview back in 1959. Warning-this in French so brush up on your “parlez vous francais” or hit up Google translator.

According to the YouTube blurb the interview takes place in Chanel’s office. She’s clad in her signature jacket and hat; brooches attached to both pieces. Huge pearls adorn her ears as she gesticulates — cigarette in hand, of course — and rarely smiles. In fact, she’s kind of scary here.
And what does she think of the collection in the video, as modeled by Marie-Hélène Arnaud? ”It is already outdated. It’s been a week.”



Stella McCarthy says XXXXL is HAWT for Fall 2011

The McCartney standards were tweaked and trotted out in fine new form: boxy double-breasted coats in camel and Prince of Wales check in longer iterations, thick-gauge sweater dresses, pretty little silk shifts that showed plenty of leg. Long-sleeved wool dresses with apron tops managed to emphasize the bust while revealing not an inch—neat trick.



I Want Burberry To Adopt Me

I know this is from the men’s line but I likes. For me.

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Did Elle Overstep The Lines? Again?


Elle India is in hot water again for allegedly digitally lightening the skin of their current cover girl, actress and beauty queen ­Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. On the cover, Bachchan’s skin tone appears many shades lighter than in candid photos and production stills from her Bollywood films.
Bachchan's inside cover story features photos in which her complexion looks just as retouched as the cover itself.
While airbrushing photos is a common practice in the publishing world, this is the second time an edition of Elle has come under fire for digitally enhancing the skin of one of its cover girls in the past several months. The American edition was criticized for its October 2010 issue which featured actress Gabourey Sidibe with noticeably lighter skin than her natural complexion.
In response to that incident, Elle claimed "nothing out of the ordinary" was done.
Elle has yet to comment on the controversy surrounding Bachchan's cover.

What do you think?

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