Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Stimulation-What I’m Lovin’ On For 2011




Lucite heel camel leather knee high boots. Coming to Topshop.



Marc Jacobs + LV= Happy Tori



It ain’t the 80s. Yea!

106457_1291230937 106458_1291230939_x486


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SHOE SNOBS said...

OMG, them boots are ridiculous!! ahhh, i just drool over everything Marc Jacobs, and hope to start adding some pieces to my wardrobe this year! BTW: what is ur twitter user? the link is not working from blogger!

SHOE SNOBS said...

girl you lovin this, u got some exquisite taste and im right there with you!! GiGi I adore this post, gonna copy the link to my blog. I just had an epiphany on how im gonna tweek my style for 2011. XO

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Shoe Snob-YI must have those boots. Im stalking topsop until they are mine. My twitter is tori_ggs_closet. Im trying to fix that now. :(

Marc Jacobs is divine. I love his fashion tributes to the 20's and the 50's.