Saturday, February 12, 2011

My review of Pack Of Lies by Laura Anne Gilman is at Smexy Books

Favorite Quote:”Nifty gave me six fingers for skill. I gave him one in reply.”

Bonita (Bonnie) Torres was an unemployed collage student 8 months ago. Now she’s an investigator for PUPI (Private Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations). When the team is given a case that pits humans against the fatae, Bonnie and the team will be tested on all levels as the world watches...waiting for them to fail.

Pack Of Lies is the 2nd installment of Laura Anne Gilman’s Paranormal Scene Investigations series. A unique police procedural Urban Fantasy that takes us back in the world of the fatae and all their secrets. Picking up where Hard Magic left off, Bonnie and the team is a little more experienced in the art of investigating and politics. When handed a case by the Cosa Nostradamus they proceed with caution as the Cosa never gives anything for free. The case turns out to be a rape of a young woman with mitigating circumstances. A rare and exulted fatae is also involved and not talking. As relations between the humans and fatae become violent, the team also have to deal with Ian’s crazy sister, a case that twists and misdirects at every turn, and the increased sexual attraction between Bonnie and Ben.

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