Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reviewing One Hundred Candles by Mira Purnhagen at Smexy Books

One Hundred Candles (Past Midnight, #2)

Favorite Quote: “The watcher wanted to punish me, and he had. Now it was my turn.”

Charlotte Silver has waited a long time to feel like a “normal” kid. After spending most of her life traveling with her family in their paranormal investigations, they have finally settled down in South Carolina and Charlotte has friends and a normal high schooler’s life. When a popular football player asks Charlotte out, she’s sure life can’t get much better or normal. But when Harris takes Charlotte to a party where an innocent game of One Hundred Candles is played, Charlotte can’t help but feel they are all messing with something better left alone.

When strange things begin to happen at her school, Charlotte realizes that the game opened a door between the mortal and spirit realm. Now Charlotte is battling for her and her family’s lives as someone or something begins hunting her -determined to make her pay for going where no mortal is allowed.

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