Monday, February 14, 2011

Things That caught my eye about the Grammys

Strapless dress stay power should be tested BEFORE the show.
Bruno Marrs looks like a young Ricky Ricardo
Justin Beiber fans are insane.
Ninjas,Twitter, and Muppets makes everything better.
Nobody should ever wear leopard pants.
Muse won best rock album. So much #FAIL there.
It’s never good to forget your pregnant girlfriend's name when thanking them during a live award ceremony.
To be famous, one must put “Lo” behind their name.
Bob Dylan’s hair is a separate personality and should be treated as such.
John Mayer is morphing into Johnny Depp.
Someone needs to tell Dre white tennies are out.
Skylar Gray has an amazing voice.
The Grammys are incredibly slow and boring at times.
Mick Jagger still gots it going on.
Lady Antebellum won a lot of Grammys for a booty call song.
Watching the Grammys on HD makes everyone look short and fat.
Rapid fire strobe light shows are not cool. Not cool at all.
Eminem was robbed of Album Of The Year. Even Babs stuttered. She knew the truth.


Nicole said...

The light show at the end almost gave me a seizure, and I've never had one before. I seriously had to turn the TV off, because it was that annoying (plus IMO, the music wasn't that great anyway.) Thank goodness for Twitter!!

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

Nicole-Me too. I had "crazy eyes" after that first one. lol