Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’m reviewing Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews today at smexy Books

Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5)


Favorite Quote: “I wanted love or nothing.”

Towards the end of Magic Bleeds, Kate makes some life altering decisions. She abruptly quits the Order, publicly accepts Curran as her mate, and defeats her Aunt Erra in a climatic battle that leaves Curran comatose for 11 days and her fighting for her life to stay as Curran’s mate.

I am a huge fan of the duo writing team- Ilona Andrews. I find their style of writing addictive and I await their new releases with barely concealed impatience. Their Kate Daniels series is the perfect balance of power and vulnerability. We are not over burdened with emotional angst or ridiculous unbelievable feats. Plot action and ripe tension is tempered with snarky humor and everyday life.

A character driven series, we share an intimate connection with Kate Daniels. Her pain, her sorrow, and her triumphs are also ours. It has been a thrilling ride as we have watched her grow from a solitary lonely figure to having friends, family, and a lover. Her personality shines through more and more with each book. She is still scared but she is learning how to trust in herself and others. The world building stays fresh and exciting with constant evolution as we travel through an alternative magical version of Atlanta, GA.


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