Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I’m reviewing Cold Touch by Leslie Parrish at Smexy Books

Cold Touch (Extrasensory Agents, #2)


Through her dark, unique psychic gift, Olivia Wainwright has experienced many murders. Now she's working with a hot Savannah detective to solve the most mysterious one of all...
Her own. (Goodreads)

Favorite Quote: “Can you take out the angry eyes, Mrs. Potato Head, and just let me talk to you?"

When a child’s bones are found boarded up in the wall of a bar, Olivia Wainwright  instinctively knows that these are the bones of a child who saved her life 12 years ago. Olivia was kidnapped out of her home and tortured when she was 15 years old. When the kidnapper killed her, a young boy, Jack,  preformed CPR and brought her back to life. Olivia was able to escape and hr kidnapper was killed avoiding arrest. She was never able to find Jack again though. Now 12 years later, Olivia works for Xtreme Investigations. Her near death experience left her with a very dark and dangerous gift. Olivia has the ability to relieve the last couple of minutes of someone's death. Olivia never believed that her kidnapper was working alone and now with Jack’s body found, she is even more convinced that her kidnapper is still out there and still killing. Olivia believes if she can touch Jack’s bones, she will finally learn her kidnappers true identity and bring him to justice. But first she has to convince Detective Gabe Cooper.


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