Thursday, June 30, 2011

I’m reviewing Everdark by Elle Jasper at Smexy Books

Everdark  (The Dark Ink Chronicles, #2)

Elle Jasper’s Everdark-second book in her Dark Ink Chronicles- picks up right where Afterlife left off. Riley has been rescued from the Romanian vampire brothers, Victorian and Valerian Acros, but not before she was bitten. She, along with her vampire boyfriend Eli and friends, have been on a secluded island as her body processes the strigoi vampire poison her body ingested while being bitten. A poison that is producing some interesting changes in her body. As Eli attempts to train her to use these changes as weapons, Riley begins to notice another problem. She is telepathically connected to one of the vampires who kidnapped her.  As he increases his hold on her, Riley must find away to break the connection before he consumes her mind, body and soul.


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