Monday, June 6, 2011

I’m reviewing The Naked King by Sally MacKenzie at Smexy Books

The Naked King (Naked Nobility, #7)

Favorite Quote: “I wouldn’t have accosted your bonnet if it hadn’t so vilely accosted my eyes and my male sensibilities. “

Stephen Parker-Roth is a playboy, hence his nickname-the King Of Hearts. He is no hurry to marry (his older brother has an heir) so he spends his time drinking, playing cards, and generally having fun. After a normal night of debauchery, he stumbles home through the park only to be accosted by a furry little man. Oh wait-that’s a dog. As Stephen is flailing in the mud, along comes the owner of the dog-Lady Anne Marston. Lady Anne has no need for marriage or men. Raising her younger siblings while her parents gallivant around the world, all she wants is for her younger sister to have a proper season, then go back to the country.

When she and Stephen are caught in up in a comedy of errors that results in the biggest gossip in London seeing them kiss, Stephen announces to everyone that Lady Anne is his fiancée. Soon, Stephen takes the entire Marston family in hand and leads them on a merry chase through London as he tries to make his engagement to Lady Anne a real one.


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