Friday, June 10, 2011

I’m reviewing Vampire In Atlantis by Alyssa Day at Smexy Books

Vampire in Atlantis

Favorite Quote: “ You destroyed the cake? I loved that cake.”

After 11,000 years of living, Vampire and Nightwalker Guild mage Daniel is tired. He only wishes to leave this world and join his true love in the afterlife. He quits as Vampire Primator of North America and decides to end his life by watching the sun rise. As he watches the sun crest the earth and begin it’s ascent, he finds himself suddenly transported to Atlantis and sees the only woman he has ever loved-Serai.

Serai is an Atlantean princess who, with other maidens, was volunteered into statis when Atlantis was at war and vanished under the sea. She was promised she would only be confined until the danger had passed and when she awoke she would become His Highness Prince Conlan’s wife. 11,000 years later, the lost Emperor jewel (from Poseidon’s trident) is found by unscrupulous persons. Attempts to use it allows Serai to awaken and escape her ‘prison’.

Serai uses her magic to open a portal, which transports Daniel to Atlantis and to Serai. Daniel thinks he has gone to Heaven only to realize that Serai is alive and that he and she were lied to all those years ago. Daniel and Serai flee before the Atlantean’s can find and stop them. Now Daniel and Serai must find whoever is attempting to use the Emperor jewel and recover it before it kills her and her sisters.


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