Thursday, July 7, 2011

I’m reviewing Merrie Destefano’s Feast at Smexy Books

Feast (Harvest of Dreams)


Favorite Quote: ”Rest, my sweet. Save you dreams for me. For no one but me.”

Madeline MacFadden (Mad Mac to her fans) spent her summers growing up in Ticonderoga Falls. When her marriage falls apart she brings her son back to this idyllic village in hopes of recapturing the peace it once brought her. But Maddie doesn’t remember everything about Ticonderoga Falls. She doesn’t remember the darkness, the legends, or the mysterious caretaker, Ash, who once saved her life as a child.

As Maddie and her son get settled, Maddie’s childhood dreams begin anew and take a sinister turn. Monsters invade her dreams and soon the village for it is once again time for the Harvest and the time to feast. But magic runs high during the feast and even a spinner of tales can wield unimaginable power when those she loves are threatened.

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