Monday, July 4, 2011

I’m reviewing Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine at Smexy Books

Spectyr (Book of the Order, #2)

Favorite Quote: “I am inside you. My Sight is yours no matter where I am.”

Deacon Sorcha Faris is one of the most powerful deacons in the order. When a message comes to her through the bond she shares with her shape shifting lover, Raed Rossin-Pretender to the Throne, showing him to be in danger, Sorcha jumps at the chance to visit the city of Orithal where she knows he is heading. While there, she and her partner, Deacon Merrick are drawn into a series of murders brought about unwittingly by their Emperor’s sister. As Sorcha and Merrick battle an unknown entity bent on Rossin’s destruction, they are once again thrown into a conspiracy that views them as expendable pawns in a battle of power.

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