Monday, August 22, 2011

I’m reviewing Brooke Moss’s “What If Guy” today at Smexybooks

The "What if" Guy

Favorite Quote: “This town isn’t perfect, but it’s home. The people here love you, and they helped raise you, no matter what you think.”

Everyone has a “what if” guy in their past. The one person whose soul spoke to yours but fate plays with your destiny and you both go your separate ways. In Brooke Moss’s romantic contemporary, our heroine is given a chance to reconnect with her “what if” guy and have a second chance at love if she is willing to forgive and move forward from her past.

Autumn Cole left her tiny hometown of Fairfield, Washington in a cloud of dust after high school-determined to become the next Picasso. Now 13 years later, she comes back to Fairfield broke with a 12 year old son and an ailing alcoholic father. It’s easy, too easy in fact, to slip back into her role of the town drunk’s daughter. As Autumn tries to acclimate herself to to all the emotions she feels coming home, she runs into the one person she never thought she would ever see again. Henry Tobler. Her one and only love. She had her life all planned out with Henry but broke it off when she discovered she was pregnant by an ex boyfriend. She hasn’t seen him since that fateful day and seeing him now beings back all of her feelings for him that never seemed to fade.

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