Saturday, August 27, 2011

I’m reviewing Something To Talk About by MJ Fredrick at Smexybooks

Something to Talk About


When Ellie Morgan breaks up with the town’s football coach, all she hears is the old refrain, “She’s just like her mother-never happy.” Ellie doesn’t know exactly what she wants in a relationship but she does know she wants more than a self absorbed man who puts her second to his career. So Ellie cuts him loose after a year (a personal best for her) and attempts to go on with her life and ignore the accusations and disapproval from the town.

Noah Weston is still recovering from the shattering blow of his wife Lily’s death. She died suddenly, along with their unborn child. After a year and half, Noah begins to emerge from his self imposed seclusion and notices Ellie holds a similar vibrancy and light that Lily did. Noah is confused and unsure as his feelings grow stronger the more time he spends around Ellie. Noah begins to find himself at odds with a town that isn’t ready for Nick to move on-especially with his dead wife’s best friend.


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