Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Stimulation-Sometimes the urge to bedazzle should be denied

Can’t get enough of Miu Miu's sparkly shoes? Well, never fear- there's now a new style to collect. The label is launching a five-style sneaker collection later this month — both in stores and online — featuring classic tennis shoes dipped in glitter, lamé, velvet, patent leather, studs, or crystals — or, in some cases, a combination of them all. The shoes run $450 to $585.

While I love being on the cutting edge of fashion-I think I’ll pass of this. I’ve been know to catch the bedazzling bug at times. Sometimes only the gluing on of crystals and spangles can make a great item FAN.TAS.TIC. In the matters of my footwear though, I believe less is more.

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