Monday, November 7, 2011

I’m reviewing In The Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster by Stephanie Laurens at Smexybooks

In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster: A Cynster Novel


When Heather Cynster is returned to her loving family by Viscount Breckenridge, the Cynsters know that the kidnapper will try again, so Eliza Cynster is placed under heavy guard until the elusive Laird is found. However, the Cynster's failed to take into account just how desperate the Laird is and Eliza is kidnapped right from under their noses. Spirited towards Edinburgh, Eliza sees a familiar face and seizes the chance to escape.
Jeremy Carling, a placid scholar of ancient tomes, is shocked to see Eliza Cynster screaming for help from a carriage. Not your usual knight in shining armour, Jeremy cannot abandon a damsel in distress and enlists his friends to save her.
As Eliza and Jeremy race through the wilds of Scotland, one step ahead of a desperate Laird and a vengeful kidnapper, they find themselves on the brink of something magnificent...if they have the courage to seize it.

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