Monday, November 28, 2011

I’m reviewing She Can Run by Melinda Leigh at Smexybooks

She Can Run


Elizabeth Baker should have had a fairytale marriage, but once she said, "I do," to the handsome congressman, everything changed. When she sees something she shouldn’t, her husband attempts to silence her permanently. She escapes and along with her 2 children goes into hiding. 10 months later, she arrives for her job as an estate caretaker only to find her boss has passed away and his nephew inherited the estate.

Jack O’Malley, former police detective, is grieving for his uncle and recovering from a job related injury. When Beth appears, claiming she works there, he is unprepared for the instant attraction that sparks between them. Jack realizes Beth’s terrified and hiding something and he begins to try and unravel the many lies Beth has spun about her previous life. When a serial killer appears in their town, Jack knows he will do anything to protect Beth and her kids-even risking his own life.


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