Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Key Word in Thanksgiving is GIVING

Thanksgiving, to most, invokes dreams of succulent turkeys, freshly picked cranberries, luscious sweet potatoes topped with marbleized marshmallows. Fresh baked yeast rolls, crunchy green bean casserole and enough pies to feed a small army.

Friends and family sit around and talk. Catch up on the latest gossip. Maybe you’ll watch a old favorite movie or cheer on your favorite football teams.

After everyone has eaten their fill and begins to slowly emerge from their food comas; the inevitable goodbyes start and soon the house is empty. Except for the hostess. Who know has 1,000 dishes to clean, multiple rooms to straighten, and holiday decor to put away till next year.

What’s my point in all this?

When going to wherever you are celebrating Thanksgiving this year, don’t forget your hostess. A simple inexpensive gift-something that tells them, “Hey, thanks for inviting me. I appreciate your efforts and generosity.” It may also help you get re invited next year.

Below are some gifts that will make you the number one invited guest for the year.


CB2 Red Chick Candleholder, $8



Roost Santa Lucia Snowflake Ornament Set, $20



Nouvel Studios Glass Orion Bowl by Michael Kramer, $26



Devota & Lomba Oleum Viride Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $35



Kikkerland Lightwood Fish Corkscrew, $7



Anthropologie Nifty Napkins, $32 for six



Chronicle Books Note Card Set, $16

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