Friday, January 20, 2012

I’m reviewing Joyce Lamb’s True Shot at Smexybooks

True Shot


True Shot (True Trilogy #3) by Joyce Lamb
Romantic Suspense
December 6, 2012

Favorite Quote: “It’s like you’re Jason Bourne and I’m… the resourceful girlfriend who gets killed in the beginning of the second movie.”

Sam Trudeau ran away from her home and family at eighteen and never came back. Manipulated into joining the FBI, Sam was experimented on and used as a weapon. When a fellow agent comes to her accusing their boss of unethical practices and is killed for it, Sam barely escapes with her life. She goes the one place she feels safe, her family’s remote cabin, but is shocked when she finds she’s not alone.

Journalist Mac Hunter has had a rough year and when Sam’s sisters offer him the cabin, he jumps at the chance to get away for awhile. He’s shocked to find Sam there, wounded and unconscious. When men in black burst into the cabin, guns blazing, Max knows that whatever Sam’s involved in, now involves him and vows to help her anyway he can.

When Sam loses her memory, she and Max have to stay one step ahead of her enemies while trying to figure out what is so special about her that her boss is willing to kill anyone to get her back.



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